500,000 will die by 2050 from reduced food availability if we don't stop global warming

From ToxicLeaks

A new study published by Dr Marco Springmann from the University of Oxford proves just how critical the mitigation of climate change is for mankind. The current trends of global warming (that are the direct consequences of the greed of fossil fuel corporations) will cause devastating effects for people throughout the world. This study is the first of its kind and attempts to estimate the number of deaths that will result from the effects of climate change on agriculture. His results are appalling and stress that bringing an end to global warming is the only possible way if we want to avoid cataclysmic disasters on the planet.

he study proves that the current trends of global warming will reduce food availability[edit | edit source]

Dr Springmann's study clearly indicates that the world food production will be severely reduced by climate change. His assumption is that nothing will change and that global warming will continue to accelerate. Of course the purpose of this premise is to describe the worst case scenario to make sure we don't go there. And yet some alarming signs indicate that many corporations around the world are far from embracing the common goal set at the COP21 of limiting temperature rise to 1.5 °Celsius. For instance, in 2015, four of Australia's biggest banks, Commonwealth, Westpac, ANZ and National Australian Bank loaned $5.5 billion to coal, oil and gas companies in 2015. This clearly proves that it's still “business as usual” for many corporations around the world, and this unfortunately gives credence to Dr. Springmann's assumption. So what will happen if the current trends of global warming continue ? This will cut the increase of agricultural production by one third. The specific causes of this decrease are numerous. The rising temperature in itself would cause stress crops and affect yields. They would also suffer from the lack of water that is going to get worse in some areas like the Southern part of Africa. Finally, the multiplication of extreme weather events will also be profoundly disruptive. But, meanwhile, population growth will continue and this will necessarily lead to a lower food availability. On average, this will mean that the amount of available food per person will decrease by 3.2 %, which represents 99 kilocalories a day. The decrease of fruit and vegetable intake will be especially pronounced, with a 4% reduction. This decrease will inevitably bring about malnutrition and hundreds of thousands of deaths.

And this will kill over 500,000 by 2050[edit | edit source]

This lower food availability will cause countless people to suffer from malnutrition and die prematurely. The lack of fruit and vegetable intake will be responsible for about 534,000 untimely deaths. Indeed, according to Dr. Springmann, even a small decrease could have disastrous consequences : “Our results show that even modest reductions in the availability of food per person could lead to changes in the energy content and composition of diets, and these changes will have major consequences for health.” However, this drop in food production could also help prevent about 26,000 deaths linked to obesity, but as we can see the net death toll remains horrific, at around 508,000 untimely deaths because of the effects of climate change on agriculture. As it happens, another study was released the same week by a team of scholars from Tufts University. And their conclusion was that if global warming didn't exist, the increase of agricultural production would actually help lower the number of premature deaths by 2 million. This really highlights the criminal greed of all corporations and states involved in global warming, especially in the fossil fuel industry, where companies like ExxonMobil and Koch industries spend insane amounts of money to fight the science of climate change and its solutions. What makes their fight especially monstruous is that the ones to suffer the most from the adverse effects of climate change will be the people of low-income countries, the countries that have polluted the least.

The most severely hit people will be the ones who pollute the less[edit | edit source]

While the industrialised world is historically responsible for global warming, the death toll will be the most severe in low income countries. Dr. Springmann estimates that there will be 264,000 untimely deaths in the Western Pacific Area and 164,000 deaths in South East Asia. The countries with the highest death toll will be China where 248,000 people will die prematurely and India, with 136,000 untimely deaths. This estimation is consistent with another study, led by Jodie Keane, from the Overseas Development Institute in December 2009. This study proves that the agricultural production of low-income countries will decrease because of global warming and climate disruption, whereas the production in North America and Europe will continue to increase, albeit at a slower rate than today. For instance, in South Asia, the study estimates that global warming could cause temperatures to rise by 2.3 to 4.5 °C by 2070-2099 and precipitation to increase by 10 to 17%. And this would cut the cereal production by at least 4% and up to 10%. In other words, people from low income countries like India will be the most severely hit by the global warming occidental corporations have caused. Some fossil fuel companies like France's Total try to make up for this by supporting agricultural programs in Africa. That's really nice, but, here's an idea : why don't they stop contributing to global warming which will literally starve the people they claim to be helping ? Also, Total has a history of using aid as a way to make even more money, for instance when it joined the Oil-for-food program to relieve the Iraqi but used it to embezzle funds. So all in all, it's very clear, fossil fuel corporations only care about developing countries when it suits their interest to do so, and meanwhile they have no qualms whatsoever about continuing to drill, mine and burn fossil fuels, although it will worsen global warming and kill over 500,000 people in the upcoming decades.

These studies are another clear sign that action to mitigate climate change cannot be postponed. If we don't act now, climate change will become uncontrollable and will literally kill half a million people that won't have access to food. This is why citizens all around the world must pressure their leaders into respecting their pledges and preventing this horrible disaster.